Monday, May 25, 2020

What is an Odotype?

Everybody knows what a logo is. An image that identifies a brand. Some logos are quite famous, for example, the Coca-Cola logo, this logo is known worldwide. But what is an odotype? it is a custom olfactory identity.

Major companies have signature scents that they spray at their venues to improve the experience of their customers.

Singapore Airlines has created a fragrance as its scent brand, Stefan Floridian Waters. The unique aroma blend of rose, lavender, and citrus is worn by flight attendants as perfume, is blended into their hot towels, and is pumped throughout the cabin space.

Since passengers can only smell Stefan Floridian Waters in Singapore Airlines planes, they join the scent to the brand, imprinting the experience deep into the limbic system.

Other airlines are following their examples, such as United with their signature scent Landing and Turkish Airlines TK1933.

Aromarketing found a natural match in the hospitality industry, Hyatt Place hotels are an example of many in the hotel industry to create a signature scent brand, Seamless, that they disperse all over their premises.

The scent has proven to be an integral aspect of the Hyatt Place brand, personifying the brand’s message and mission through olfactory sense.

Bloomberg featured an article detailing that the hotel industry spent $300 million US in its olfactory marketing in 2015.

The popular retail brand Abercrombie & Fitch is another example of a successful olfactory marketing strategy.

They opted to pump large quantities of their male fragrance Fierce and it worked, young people responded well to this aggressive approach.

These scents are unique and are bonded to their brand, companies that do this increase their sales by up to 70%.

A scent specialist can create the right odotype unique to your brand. To do this they will need to fully understand your brand and what it stands for, also your target audience.

When you get your signature scent sales will rise considerably for your business.

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