Monday, May 25, 2020

Increase your sales with the proper fragrance

What do we need to buy something when we walk into a store? When we rush or are grumpy or upset, it is impossible to pick what to buy.

Purchasing is about finding the sweet spot between comfort and happiness. We don't even have to need something a good emotion can trigger an emotional purchase.

Olfactory marketing is all about getting these emotional responses to products or services. When you walk into a store, everything from how stuff is set up to the level of lighting, and air conditioning is thought to make you buy.

If we add a good smell to the equation, it is nearly impossible to resist the urge to buy. Brands know this, and they take advantage of it to increase sales. You can do it too.

Olfactory marketing is one of the best cost-effective solutions to attract and retain customers. Knowing your brand and choosing the right scent goes a long way when increasing sales. The same happens if you choose the wrong fragrance.

Imagine you sell women's clothing and you disperse a woody/ masculine fragrance in your shop, chances are not many people will buy there, this is because what they're seeing doesn't match what they're smelling.

Choosing the right scent makes your customers comfortable enough to spend time at your store, this permanence allows them to buy more, therefore your sales will rise.

Applying olfactory marketing is easier than you think. There are scent specialists that can help you translate your brand's philosophy into the right aroma, they can also advise you on what diffuser to buy to deliver the fragrance efficiently.

A professional diffuser is a device that you put in the wall and it is electronic, it has a fragrance tank and a timer. You set it up and it continuously releases the fragrance into the environment.

A professional diffuser is a much better purchase than over the counter aromatizers. They deliver uniform scents that last all day long, they have the advantage of pre-made kits that you can purchase depending on the effect that you want.

If your business needs to bump up their sales, consider incorporating olfactory marketing to your strategy.

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