Thursday, February 27, 2020

Scents at the office

Aromatherapy can make your workplace a more comfortable, welcoming, pleasant environment. 

While many believe that the use of aromatherapy for health benefits is “new age,” it can be traced back to more than 6,000 years when ancient Egyptians burned incense made from aromatic woods, herbs, and spices. 

Almost every civilization has used some form of aromatherapy to help heal and cure a wide variety of ailments.

For a growing number of companies, aromatherapy is introduced as part of their wellness programs. Aromatherapy has many possible applications, it can be a great way to fight stress and reduce tension in an office environment. 

Emotional and mental office stress can be relieved with the use of essential oils. Calm down an anger-filled or tense office atmosphere by diffusing Chamomile, Bergamot, Lavender or Benzoin. 

When fatigue sets in or workers start to get sleepy in the afternoon, energize the office by diffusing Bergamot, Orange, Rosemary, and Peppermint.

When seasonal colds and flues appear in the office, be sure to diffuse an anti-viral oil such as Tea Tree.

Some other smells you can use at the office are:

1.- Peppermint scent, this is great to improve concentration and to favor brainstorming which is great in decision-making.

2.- Lemon, this aroma is great to clean obsessive thoughts and negativity.

3.- Jasmine, This scent reduces anxiety and helps us avoid mistakes.

4.- Rosemary, Improves our memory and helps us focus.

5.- Geranium, this scent increases creativity and provides confidence to make decisions. 

Fridman's has state of the art professional diffusers that can make your office a place open to brainstorming, to creativity, that makes the necessary decisions, and takes the well-being of their employees into account.

We also have a large catalog of fragrances and kits that come with a diffuser and a previously chosen set of aromas that combine between them.

Contact our experts and find the scent that suits your office space best.

Transform any space into a delightful place with one of our home scents. There are 38 different fragrances and oil diffusers that will make out of your home or business, a place to enjoy.

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