Monday, May 25, 2020

Not a believer of olfactory marketing? These statistics will impress you

If olfactory marketing seems too farfetched for you, perhaps you should take a look at the following statistics.

  1. A study published by The Rockefeller University found that humans remember 1% of what they touch, 2% of what they hear, 5% of what they see, but 35% of what they smell.

  1. 46.3 of interviewed people acknowledge that it is easier to recognize something if they smell it again rather than if they see it or hear it.

  1. Estimate numbers from Point of Purchase Advertising International found that among 50 thousand products at the supermarket, the consumer picks about 50, favoring those that they can smell.

  1. 84% of marketing efforts are aimed at visual campaigns, for which olfactory marketing may be losing important opportunities.

  1. Sales can increase by up to 70% when olfactory marketing is used.

  1. Scent marketing reinforces and improves brand recognition by unifying a brand or product with the buyer's emotions. Scent marketers realize that aroma branding is the hook, and for many industries, it is the only thing that may differentiate your particular business from your competition.

  1. Scent marketing allows for the creation of a new and deeper dimension in your existing brand because it reaches the emotional triggers of targeted consumers. Sensory cues repeated consistently increase sales, traffic, time spent shopping to improve brand recognition and loyalty.

  1. Scent marketing makes your brand unforgettable by using fragrance to imprint a pleasant memory that is associated with your product or services. 

  1. Fifty-seven percent of small business owners claim that having a relationship with their consumers is what drives repeat business. According to Bain & Company, returning customers typically spend more than 67% than first-time customers. The right scent in the right place propels the consumer into a pleasant selection of memories and associations that repeat themselves automatically whenever that fragrance hits their noses.

The truth is that people are saturated with visual stimuli and brands need to resort to more instinctive methods to trigger the purchase impulse in their customers. Olfactory marketing achieves that.

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