Monday, May 25, 2020

Scents for your business

Commerce exists from the earliest civilizations. But as it is the primary source of income in most places, brands and businesses must differentiate themselves from the competition. This is where advertising comes in, showcasing the benefits of different brands and products to make people buy them.

But advertising saturated the market, and it became necessary to find new stimuli to help build brand awareness. Sensory marketing became a resource to entice customers. Particularly, olfactory marketing. Smells affect up to 75% of our emotions, so getting the right emotion can help people buy more at your store. When choosing a scent it is important to know your brand and what you expect from your strategy. There are six scent families and they all produce different reactions. We'll talk about them in this article.

Fruity Aromas.
We can find these in most fragrances we encounter. They're fun, fresh, and convey happiness. This sort of aromas are ideal for family places, a hotel on the beach is a good example.

Citric Aromas.
This family of aromas is very fresh and vibrant. They counteract negative emotions and give the impression of cleanliness, this is why they work well at gyms or restaurants.

Herbal Aromas.
These scents are great to produce relaxation and to achieve other different medicinal effects. They are mostly relaxing, some scents from this family are lavender, chamomile, mint, eucalyptus.

These scents promote focus and brainstorming, as well as relaxation, characteristics that go well with spas, hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality businesses.

Green Aromas.
You might confuse them with herbal aromas, but their effect is different, they are fresh scents and convey vitality. A common scent from this family is aloe vera.

Floral Aromas.
Typically associated with feminine energy, the floral family conveys elegance. Jazmin is a scent from this family and is widely used in Chinese culture.

Woody Aromas.
These scents, are regarded as masculine and provide sophistication, and elegance, they work well in restaurants.

What scent better suits your business? Remember that choosing wisely is key to the success of your olfactory marketing strategy.

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