Monday, May 25, 2020

Aromarketing to improve your brand

The sense of smell represents an essential role in how we remember things. One of our first connections to the world is, in fact, the smell of our mother, that we use to recognize her when we can't see yet.

Some studies suggest that the human nose can identify up to a billion smells. This connection between the sense of smell and our limbic system can boost how a person responds to a brand.

Olfactory marketing capitalizes the brain responses to smells to create brand awareness and to build loyalty from customers. If you want your brand to stand out, olfactory marketing needs to be part of your strategy.

In this article, we will discuss nine advantages of olfactory marketing and how to use them as part of your business.

1.    It creates experiences. People connect better to experience than to a message. Starbucks Coffee grew exponentially because they offer an experience around a cup of coffee, elevated by the smell of freshly brewed coffee in their stores.   

2.    Smells imprint things in our memory. The sudden appearance of some smell may take you back to a memory you didn't know you had. Some brands have signature scents and when we smell them we think of that brand.

3.    It creates a setting. To sell a product or service you need your customer to experience a specific emotion, the smell can lead your customers to feel what you need them to feel.

4.    Brand philosophy. You know the values of your company, and you can use smells to fixate them in the minds of your customers.

5.    Identifies the brand. A brand has a logotype, but it can also have an odotype, a signature smell to identify it as much as its graphic identity.

6.    Builds loyalty to your brand. People return to where they experienced something nice, let that be your store.

7.    Modify Behaviors. Studies show that smells can shift our mood, so use them to set the right environment in your commercial venue.

8.    Retention. People spent about 15% more time in aromatized places if they do they buy more, take advantage of it.

9.    Love mark. Each person has a particular smell and it attracts other people, so should brands, by designing an odotype, your brand will remain in the top of mind of your customers.

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