Thursday, February 27, 2020

Scent marketing in restaurants

How do we select a restaurant to eat, easy we use our sense of smell. When we smell delicious food, we want to eat it. The sense of smell is the easiest way to entice customers to come into our diner or restaurant.

The use of aromas in restaurants complements the sensory experience of good service and comfort, inviting us to enjoy a pleasant moment and welcoming us to the restaurant, without neglecting the music that joins this work of sensations to contribute its qualities of relaxation and harmony.

Scent is becoming a strategic tool for restaurants that want to improve brand recognition and sales. The appeal to smell over visuals or audible marketing is undetected by most customers, but it’s highly effective in creating a food-friendly mood.

Depending on the restaurant, it’s possible to entice customers with scents in several ways. Restaurants can bake goods at a particular time of day to emit their best smelling foods at hungry people. 

They can also use a synthetic blend of smells in a diffusing machine to micro-mist their chosen aroma around the clock.

Experts in aroma design often choose smells like green tea or lemon to set the atmosphere so that customers feel comfortable enough to stay there just the right amount of time to ensure a profitable rotation.

In restaurants and diners, the most used aromas are coffee, chocolate, cookies, and vanilla. 

Not only are aromas diffused into the environment but the most creative chefs are making aromas part of their presentation, not far from creative plating.

Data-backed evidence demonstrates that scent marketing is ideal for pubs, restaurants, diners, coffees and food-related businesses. 

Manipulating scents is a lucrative financial move for restaurants, it can make customers buy more things.

Cinnabon is a brand that uses smells wisely, by place their ovens near the customers instead of at the rear of the stores, cinnamon flavors are uniquely tied to the company.

If you have a restaurant it is a good idea to incorporate scent marketing into your strategy, it is a subtle and cost-effective move that can be very lucrative.

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