Thursday, February 27, 2020

Scent marketing in banks

Banks are establishments that need to work profoundly in the attention of their clients. Banks need to provide exceptional attention to inspire trust amongst their customers that their estate is in good hands.

When a bank uses olfactory marketing, its clients feel welcome as soon as they enter and until they leave. Olfactory marketing also has a positive effect on the moods of bank workers, which is important for them to provide good service.

Olfactory marketing is a cost-effective strategy to get customers and retain their loyalty, this is because it involves experience, going to the bank is not only about spending hours at a line to pay bills or withdraw cash but about feeling important and considered by the institution that handles our estate.

If you own a bank you should consider hiring a scent-marketing specialist and hand them the task of translating your brand into an odotype. An odotype is a unique scent, designed to achieve a certain effect on your customers, they aren't just walking into the bank, and they’re members of a certain lifestyle.

There's an example from a bank in Costa Rica that capitalized on the aroma of coffee. Costa Rica is a major producer of coffee so it is a big part of every day of their population. Bank of Cathay has an odotype based on coffee.

They also sell promotional items with the aroma, when people buy these products they remember the bank in a good manner. When they are in the street and smell coffee they think of the bank.

The sense of smell appeals to the most primitive parts of our brain, we can recall 35% of the things we smell which is a lot when compared with the other senses, for example, we can only remember 5% of the things we see.

People's estates are something important so they'll keep them at a trustworthy institution; give that to your bank by incorporating scent marketing into your strategy.

Some aromas that work well in banks are:

Lavender-lime: This combination is amazing for a bank, it relaxes and energizes at the same time, which are good characteristics for a bank.

Lemongrass-sage: This is a clean, crisp, fragrance. Lemongrass boosts energy and revitalizes the body and the mind. This balance is ideal for making investments.

White citrus blossom: The combination of citrus scents is revitalizing and when combined with musk and freesia it adds a sense of warmth that is key to customer satisfaction.

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