Thursday, February 27, 2020

Olfactory marketing for hotels

Olfactory branding is the best way to complement your hotel strategy. Maybe you've invested in creating a logo, choosing the name, the decoration, and marketing strategy, but using olfactory marketing is a plus you should consider.

Some of the things you want to convey while running a hotel are:

Cleanliness: Guests want to sleep in a clean space, obviously, and you want to deep clean everything but what tells people that something is tidy is its smell, citrus, pine, peppermint, mint, are fragrances in a clean place.

Coziness. To be able to relax a hotel must feel like home. Green tea and citrus combined help evoque these feelings.

Relaxation. Some people work for travel, but mostly to relax, the kind of scent you need to use to achieve this is Lavender, a fresh fragrance used for relaxation 

Happiness. Common areas in a hotel require an upbeat vibe, people need to be happy and active and for this reason, you should use citrus, fruity scents.

Scent the landscape. If I say "Beach hotel" the scent will pop in your mind at once, coconut, bathing suit smell, sea breeze. If your hotel is in the forest, musky smells as those from the fougére family are ideal, anything you can use to bring your hotel to the mind of your guests is useful.

Know what your hotel is about. Is your hotel romantic? Family-oriented? Pet-friendly? If your hotel is romantic you want to use aphrodisiac smells, for families and pets you want fresh smells to convey cleanliness and happiness.

Some examples of olfactory branding in hotels are:
  • Holiday Inn has a signature scent that mixes white tea and citric and they use it worldwide so every one of their hotels smells the same.

  • Hilton Hotels use Jasmine in their receptions to help people feel welcome and to imprint themselves in the minds of their guests.

  • Sofitel hotels use a perfume called essence de Sofitel, a mixture of white rose, jasmine of Grasse, patchouli, vanilla, lemon leaves, bergamot, and lily of the valley, and Lentisque, with white sandalwood as a dominating note. This perfume is also available for purchase.

Use olfactory marketing to bring your hotel to the next level.

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