Thursday, February 27, 2020

Factors to take into consideration to aromatize spaces.

Smell plays an essential role in the making of memories for the human being. Our noses connect directly to our hypothalamus, therefore stimuli acquired olfactory are instantaneous.

It is because of these physiological characteristics that smells are a significant component of environment creation. Environments are everywhere, from our home to the spaces where we hang out.

Environments are even something brands take advantage of to establish loyalty towards them and ensure the growth of their businesses. This led to the use of sensory marketing.

Sensory marketing uses the five senses to engulf users into a 360-degree experience in commercial spaces. Choosing the wrong scent is a big no as it can drive your customers away.

Some factors you must take into account when choosing scents for your environments are:
  • The taste of the owners of the brand.
  • Types of furniture and colors in the decoration.
  • The dimensions of your commercial space.
  • The activities performed in the space.
  • The predominant weather.
  • If there are going to be pets in the space.

When choosing a scent for office space there are two objectives to keep in mind, to convey a sense of cleanliness and to increase employee productivity, some fragrances such as sandalwood, eucalyptus or lemon increase it as much as 20%.

Hotels must find a balance between comfort and elegance, not as familiar as home but close, to keep people happy during their vacation and business trips. Hotels must inspire cleanliness. Beach hotels often use coconut to give the distinctive smell we get while on vacation, while urban hotels use pine or wood, which are fresh and elegant scents.

Gyms are also a space that benefits greatly from olfactory marketing. A lot of people exercising in a closed space can be a recipe for disaster in terms of smells, for this reason, you want to use fragrances associated with hygiene such as pine or peppermint to mask the odor of sweat.

Going to the bank can be so stressful because of the waiting and the managing of finances; this is why we can use a diffuser to spread a relaxing scent such as lavender.

Environment specialists can help you choose what suits your business best to achieve the best results.

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