Thursday, December 12, 2019

Fridman's Fragrances will help you get the best out of scent marketing.

These bullets summarize why scent marketing is so effective:

Our sense of smell is the strongest of the five senses and the one most tied to memory and emotion.
75% of all emotions are generated by scent.
We are 100 times more likely to remember something we smell over something we see, hear or touch.
There is a 40% improvement in mood after being exposed to pleasant scents.

No matter your industry or your audience, scent can play a significant role in transforming perceptions and building experiences around your business.

To start using scent marketing you'll need a professional diffuser and a fragrance kit to go with it.

At Fridman's, we have diffusers for both home and business. Our devices are electric, compact, and rechargeable. 

They have a powerful dispersion rate and can be programmed to dispense fragrance at certain hours and days.

The diffuser equipment comes with all the necessary accessories to mount it on the wall. The equipment must be vertical at all times once the fragrance has been charged, otherwise, it could spill and damage the equipment permanently.

You can fill your diffuser with any of the fragrances in our catalog.
We advise you to find a common area that is wide, dry and close to a power outlet.

The diffuser can only be placed indoors and in a dry area. Once mounted, connect to a power outlet and press the on button. 

The LED screen will light up and various options will appear, this menu is to program the aroma dispersion schedule and its intensity. 

It is very important to look after the unit after some use it is necessary to clean the equipment so that it keeps working properly. 

Once you perform the cleaning process as directed in the instructions, you can use your diffusor normally.

Reach out to the experts at Fridman's Fragrances and learn how to get the most out of scent marketing.

Transform any space into a delightful place with one of our home scents. There are 38 different fragrances and oil diffusers that will make out of your home or business, a place to enjoy.

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