Thursday, December 12, 2019

How scent triggers emotions?. Know the science of scent marketing.

Think of the five senses; now imagine them wired to your brain, relaying messages from the world around your body. Four senses, taste, sight, touch, and hearing don't have direct connections to the brain; the sense of smell does.

Millions of thousands of particles in the air are picked up by chemical receptors in our nose. The nose translates those particles into smells. But the sense of smell bypasses any intermediation and reaches the brain directly. What we smell goes straight into the hypothalamus that is the center of the limbic system, responsible for human emotions and memory making.

Think of smells as bookmarks, when you want to remember something, combine it with a smell, from that day forward every time you come across to that aroma you'll be able to access that memory.

Science has proved that we can remember 35% of the things we smell, as opposed to the 5% of things we see. The marketing industry has noticed this amazing knowledge and has taken advantage of it creating olfactory marketing.

Olfactory marketing uses smells to build brand awareness. Take Disneyworld as an example, they have scent diffusers all over their theme parks aimed at obtaining specific emotions, for instance, popcorn smell in the food vendor areas to stimulate appetite and purchases.

Starbucks coffee has become the world's office, this is because they banned smoking at their stores and what you have is a delicious coffee smell that makes us want to work there.  

Coffee is a scent that stimulates attentiveness and analytic thinking that is why it is so easy to work at Starbucks.

The sense of smell is a marvelous tool to modulate emotions and obtain specific effects to help you in your everyday. 

Next time you walk into a store and you feel a delicious smell, you know what it is, olfactory marketing.

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