Thursday, December 12, 2019

12 scents to increase productivity.

Aromatherapy has a significant effect on cognitive functions. Our sense of smell connects directly to the hypothalamus, which is responsible for our emotions and memory making. Scents are so strong that they can evoke vivid memories we didn't know we had. Try a few examples, for instance, if I mention your grandmother's cookies, you will remember their smell, or what a dear family member smelled.

Aromatherapy can also help us work. Sometimes it is complicated to concentrate at work. Several things must happen at the same time to ensure we get the job done. We must have slept ok, the temperature at our office has to be comfortable, as well as what we're wearing, we must muffle the sound. Anyway, it's not easy to focus. But, how can we use aromatherapy to boost our focus and cognitive function? We'll talk about the scents that do just that.

Rosemary. This scent increases alertness and improves memory.

Vetiver. This aroma is good to improve brain function and helps people focus.

Coffee. This scent has an immense effect on analytical thinking. It should be used to complete the tasks of this nature.

Lemon. This fragrance awakens and decreases errors while working.

Jasmine. It fights fatigue and helps your mind to be positive.

Citrus. This aroma makes us have more physical activity and shortens our response time.

Cinnamon. This scent helps perform physical work because it heightens motor response and our attention.

Ginger. Fights fatigue, sometimes we can't keep going because of exhaustion. Diffusing ginger helps us finish our tasks.

Peppermint. This essential oil helps us hold our attention by increasing alertness.

Pine. Its needles have antidepressant properties so it is effective to lift your mood and help you work when sad.

Lemongrass. Reduces stress and relieves anxiety, when working to a deadline diffuse some lemongrass to keep focused.

Lavender. This fragrance relaxes and can help boost concentration to finish a stressful task.

You can pick any of these aromas and diffuse a few drops near your workspace when you're having trouble focusing.

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