Thursday, December 12, 2019

In Fridman's Fragrances, we've helped the hotel industry use scents to delight their hosts.

Hotels get amazing benefits from scent diffusing. As they're places devoted to helping people rest during their traveling, scents are a great way to achieve the state of mind necessary to have good hotel experience.

Below are some ways that some hotels are using popular essential oils and aromatherapy spray to create an optimum guest experience.

Jasmine and lavender both promote peaceful and healthy sleep. Body lotions, scented candles, bedding, and massage oil helps guests to relax and feel more comfortable.

Hotels know their guests have exhausting days, so they prepare special bath kits to boost your relaxation as you breathe fragrances like jasmine, rose, sage and lavender.

Tea tree, ginger, and orange have properties to stimulate activity and help you wake up to get the day going.

When you step back to your hotel room to freshen up and change your clothes for dinner or lunch, aromatherapy scents or spray in a hotel room gives you little extra energy to finish the night strong. 

So, these were some great ways how aromatherapy is revolutionizing the hotel stay. Fridman's fragrances specialize in creating scenting kits for the hotel industry.

At Fridman's fragrances, we have a vast catalog of scents as well as professional-grade aroma diffusers that can be programmed to disperse aromas uniformly in a room.

Scenting is so powerful that some hotel chains have invested in creating custom made signature smells. This technique helps build brand loyalty.

Brand scenting is as important as investing in a logotype, actually, a personalized aroma is called an odotype. Investing in an odotype is a smart business decision.

So the next time you're at a hotel and you hear a whiff passing by its probably a professional diffuser dispersing that aroma you enjoy so much.

If you’re a hotel owner, reach out to Fridman’s fragrances and let us help you build a unique experience for your hotel guests. We can advise you on how to build brand awareness through smell and help you pick the right scents for your business.

Transform any space into a delightful place with one of our home scents. There are 38 different fragrances and oil diffusers that will make out of your home or business, a place to enjoy.

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