Thursday, December 12, 2019

Fragrance sensitivity.

Fragrance sensitivity is a condition that can be quite severe, and it involves having an allergic reaction to the natural or chemical components of aromas.

People can experience fragrance sensitivities in the form of respiratory ailments or skin conditions. Life can be difficult for people who experience these reactions since fragrances are everywhere.

Common symptoms of fragrance sensitivity include: 

Skin Redness.
Skin itching and burning.
Watery, itchy eyes.
Runny nose
Difficulty breathing.
Worsening of asthma symptoms.

There are several actions you can take to improve fragrance sensitivity. In some places, this condition is considered a disability and if an employee experiences severe symptoms they can demand their employer to scent-proof the office.

You can also visit your doctor to obtain treatment with antihistamines and nasal corticoids to relieve the symptoms.

If you experience skin symptoms consider steroid ointments and antihistamines, prescribed by a doctor, of course.

You can also purchase fragrance-free household products to reduce reactions. If a friend or coworker is the one with the allergies, be considerate and avoid wearing perfume or excessively smelly detergents.

It is difficult to limit exposure to fragrances but it is the only way in which one can reduce the allergic reactions that come with it.

If you have fragrance sensitivity don’t be afraid to speak up, tell your coworker that his cologne makes you sick or talk to human resources if the cleaning products used at the office trigger your reactions.

Remember that fragrance sensitivities can be severe and require medical attention in order to improve so that you can have a normal life.

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