Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Natural vs. Synthetic scents. Which are better?

Natural scents sourced from the wild and we get them through different methods such as distillation or CO2 extraction. Synthetic fragrances come from aromatic molecules, and chemistry, the goal is to create new smells or to imitate natural ones.

The synthesis was discovered in the nineteenth century, and it made the perfumery industry explode, and become more accessible than ever before. It allowed creators to experiment and come up with new smells through combinations.

A specialized perfumery lab discovers around two thousand new molecules each year, although only ten make it to the market. Current fragrances are usually a combination of both natural and synthetic ingredients, but they're also used separately.

Some natural ingredients, such as lilies, cannot be distilled, so they are recreated in the lab.

There are benefits to both types of fragrances, but synthetic odors are a good option as they do not require natural ingredients, not only is this good for the environment but also to reduce allergy risks in users.

Synthetic odors provide a wide variety of smells. There are only so many flowers in nature, but in a lab the possibilities are endless.

The odotypes are lab-engineered smells, some brands have created a unique olfactory identity for commercial purposes. There is an airline that did this and scented their planes with an odotype. This odotype allows immediate recognition of the brand through smell.

Synthetic fragrances are more potent and long-lasting than natural scents, this is also a benefit as it helps to maintain the fragrance all day long, essential oils and other nature-based scents disperse quickly.

There's no right or wrong when choosing between synthetic and natural fragrances, they are complementary, and combining them opens the door to endless possibilities.

It is important to aromatize our spaces, aromatizing improves our sense of wellbeing and helps un create lasting memories, so when it comes to scenting your home or business, choose the fragrance that speaks the most to you, and to the feeling you want to achieve.

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