Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Choose the right scent for your home

Scenting is more than a fragrance to some people. Not only does it improve the environment, but they also provide benefits such as relaxation, headache relief, and memory fixation.

The sense of smell is directly attached to the part of the brain responsible for memory creation, so when we combine an event or experience with a smell, we will remember it forever.

We can only remember 5% of what we see, as opposed to the 35% we take in through smell. The smell can trigger the oldest memories we have. When we are born, it is through smell that we relate to the world. It is how we identify our mother because we can't see as newborn babies.

When scenting our home, is not just about making it smell good, we also want the smell to reflect our personality to others, to own the space. There are things to consider when scenting your home, we will discuss them.

1. Know what you like. This is the first step and may seem obvious, but you wouldn't scent your house with a disagreeable odor. Know the different scent families and choose the one that represents you the most.

2. Think of your space. Different scents have different effects. If you want to scent your workspace at home, you may want to consider peppermint as it increases focus. For the kitchen, you want orange as it reduces anxiety and it could prevent eating impulses. Citrus scents are great for the bathroom, to keep the environment fresh. Lavender is a good pick for your bedroom, it brings relaxation and it is ideal before bed.

3. Candles vs. Diffusers. Candles are beautiful and decorative, but they pose a fire threat and cannot be left unattended. Diffusers are safer and allow for more uniform dispersion of the fragrance. If you use candles, keep your eye on them at all times.

4. Professional equipment. Consider getting a professional home diffuser. These devices use synthetic fragrances, they reduce the risk of allergies, and they can be programmed to disperse aromas in a time pattern so that the smell never stops. A good investment if you love aromatizing.

The most important thing when scenting your home is that you feel comfortable and with a sense of wellbeing that improves your quality of life.

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