Thursday, July 4, 2019

Fragrances 101. A perfect topic for your next friend's dinner night

Fragrances are a contained universe, to talk about them is far more intricate than to say something smells good or bad. As with many other things the fragrance universe has rules, categories, and many other things to take into consideration when choosing aromas.

We have discussed a lot about the importance of smell in our lives, this is why choosing a fragrance is an important activity, and it’s one of the factors that we use to decide if we like someone or not when we first meet them.

A fragrance wheel is a tool that groups the main notes in which aromas are divided according to similarities and differences between them. There are four standard families: Floral, oriental, woody and fresh these divide into three sub-groups each. The sub-groups are:

1. Floral: this group includes aromas of fresh-cut flowers.
2. Soft floral: we can find aldehyde and powdery notes in this group.
3. Floral Oriental: Main notes include orange blossom and sweet spices.
4. Soft Oriental: Incense and amber are the main notes.
5.Oriental: Resins such as frankincense, and vanilla fall into this category.
6. Woody Oriental: Sandalwood and patchouli are the main examples of this group's notes.
7. Woods:  Aromatic woods such as pine and vetiver form this group.
8. Mossy Woods: This category is the combination of the woody and oriental families, main notes include oakmoss and amber.
9. Dry Woods: Main notes include dry woods and leather.
10. Aromatic Fougère: This group is universal because it includes elements from all families, main notes include lavender and aromatic herbs.
11. Citrus: Main notes include bergamot and other citrus oils.
12. Fruity: Main notes include berries and other non-citrus fruits.
13. Green: Green notes are the star of this group.
14. Water: This family includes marine and aquatic scents.

As you can see, fragrances are an interesting topic for friendly gatherings as not many people are familiar with the many types and categories of aromas that exist and their effect in our mood.

Choosing an aromatizer is practically science as you want to pick the right one for the effect you want to provoke. Amuse your friends at your next dinner party with all your knowledge in aromas.

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