Thursday, July 4, 2019

Have you ever felt going back in time after smelling someone?

The smell is the sense capable of making people travel in time. Our hypothalamus is the part of our brain responsible for creating memories and emotions, and the sense of smell is connected directly to it.

When we smell something, it goes straight into our brain, and we can remember it forever. We remember 35% of the things we smell, that is a lot because we recall only 5% of what we see.

If we bind a special event with a particular aroma, it will be possible to come back to it later when we smell the same scent.  Our nose is more powerful than you can imagine.

A distinctive smell that comes to my mind is what we know as beach smell, this is a group that combines latex from bathing suits, sunscreen lotion, hotel-washed towels, the smell of the salty breeze and seafood. This smell makes me travel to family trips to the beach in childhood.

Another distinctive smell is that of popcorn. Popcorn brings events such as the first time at a movie theater, the circus, and many other events where this popular snack is present.

The same thing happens with people, each person that crosses our path has a distinct scent, maybe it's hormones, pheromones or the particular perfume someone uses but people in our life have their aroma.

There is a perfume in a red bottle that my grandma used to wear and every time I'm at the mall and pass the fragrance section and smell it is like standing next to her again.

The same thing happens when I cook with the pot she owned, the food smells like her, although if far from tasting as good.

Death is inevitable, but we are not aware of how deeply the people we love remain with us thanks to the memories we create through smelling them and they are so vivid that it is like traveling in time.

There is no question that the sense of smell has great power to evoke our dearest memories.

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