Thursday, July 4, 2019

Having a scent journal can improve your life.

What is a journal? Perhaps you've heard a family member or person you admire say they keep journals. A journal is a daily record a person keeps about a personal interest.

Many famous people keep journals because it is an excellent place to express and essay new ideas or feelings related to a determined event, a journal is a picture of the soul of the person who writes it.

A painter may use a journal to sketch masterpieces and possibly there are hundreds of sketches before the final painting. A songwriter can try lyrics, notes or their feelings. A screenwriter saves events, character, atmospheres and other things they can use in future stories.

Any person can keep a journal. A scent journal can help you identify the smells that make you feel good about your environment and mood. Journaling will help you to appreciate the smells that surround you and how they make you feel. To start a scent journal:

1. Take a moment every day to close your eyes and try to identify as many smells as you can from your surroundings.

2. When you leave home in the morning take a whiff and write down a couple of sentences about what is different.

3. Smell your places, try to identify each smell in your life.

4. Combine your senses, write down the smells and accompany them with a drawing or photograph of the place, object, person you want to remember.

5. Don't be literal, experiment with metaphors, with comparisons, relate the aromas to memories from a different time, there's no right or wrong, it is your journal, so go ahead.

6. When you're having the time of your life and want to remember it, close your eyes, focus on the smells, create a sensory picture in your mind.

7. Smelling something can also trigger old and dear memories, when this happens, stop everything you're doing and take a moment to travel back to that particular memory, the sense of smell is powerful so enjoy it.

8. Find out what smells combine to different settings, this will help you to choose the right scent to decorate your home.

Scent journal is an ideal tool to stimuli your memory and in the long term, it will help you remember things better. So start smelling and recording now and enjoy the benefits of knowing your aromas.

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