Thursday, April 25, 2019

The benefits that scenting brings to the elderly

To care for an older adult is a complicated job. Getting old is difficult for the person experiencing mental, and physical decline. Both, caregivers and the elderly, face chronic stress in their everyday lives, and this decreases their quality of life.

To manage stress is critical in senior residences as it can accelerate the decline in the residents’ health. The use of aromatherapy is an effective way to increase the comfort and well-being of everyone in the care house.

Smells affect our nervous system. When a fragrance enters our nose, it triggers a reaction from the olfactory nerve that signals parts of the brain that control emotions, mood, and memory.

A pleasant smell can make you feel soothed and relaxed right away. Adult people often experience a decline in their cognitive ability, their memory is impaired, also their motor functions, and this makes them nervous which can result in a speedy decline of their health.

Sense marketing has lots of benefits in nursing homes, but essential oils derived from natural ingredients may pose an allergy risk for elderly patients. At Fridman's Fragrances we know this, which is why our catalog consists of synthetic fragrances that are absolutely safe for everyone.

We should not assume synthetic is bad, since many natural things are even more harmful. The benefits of synthetic fragrances are that they have minimal risk of allergic reactions.

There are many benefits associated with scensory marketing in nursing homes:

Better sleep.
Less stress.
Improved digestion.
Increased appetite.
Reduced pain levels.
Reduced anxiety and depression.
Improved behavior caused by ailments like Alzheimer's.

These are just some examples of how aromatherapy is beneficial for senior patients. But how do you implement it? Easy, by using professional grade diffusers strategically placed around the residence which helps achieve desired effects among the residents.

If you run a nursing home, fill out our contact form so we can recommend you the diffuser and scents that fit your needs.

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