Thursday, April 25, 2019

Safest scenting for your family

Lately, the trend is to consume natural stuff. But "natural" is not the same as safe. Many natural things are harmful to human beings, such as some plants or chemicals like arsenic that are present in seafood. For all these reasons, one must be cautious when choosing a product just because it is natural.

The safety of natural ingredients is a matter of discussion in the scenting industry. While aromas drawn from nature are quite pleasant, many individuals are allergic to the plants behind them.

Essential oils that derive from plants and fruits can cause allergic reactions to susceptible members of your family. In Fridman's Fragrances we are aware of the risk of allergies from natural ingredients, and for this reason, our fragrances are synthetic.

When we hear synthetic, we automatically assume that it is not safe. There are many chemical explanations as to why this is not true, but the short one is that man has developed the ability to increase the safety of products through science.

Some citrus oils are phototoxic, for example, which means that if you squeeze a lemon and you expose your skin to sunlight, it can be damaged.

The environment is also a matter of discussion. The number of resources necessary to produce a supply of essential oils for the entire world is monumental. It is impossible to own sustainable crops, not to mention the fact that seasonality comes into play. So not every ingredient is available year-round, and the prices of the harvests fluctuate.

Turning our eyes to more natural options is putting an extra strain on the environment. The earth takes time to produce resources, and it can't keep up with humankind.

Scenting your home is a gift for your family. It increases their comfort, reduces their stress, anxiety, and makes your house smell delicious.  Using home fragrances is art, you can't just buy an aerosol and spray it around all day. The aroma will not be uniformly in all your rooms and it will certainly not last.

At Fridman's Fragrances, you can purchase a professional grade diffuser, an electronic device that you can install easily at home and program to release the fragrance of your choice in patterns of time to make sure it always smells.

We have a vast catalog of home fragrances that you can choose. We have floral scents, fruity scents, woody scents, refreshing aromas, warming aromas, anything to make your home a welcoming and comfortable space.

Fill out our questionnaire and we will recommend the best home fragrances according to your needs.

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