Thursday, April 25, 2019

Which are the best scents for each area of the house

A house is a portrait of a person's inner self.  A home becomes a sanctuary because it is a place where we relax, where we can be our true selves.

However, there are different rooms at home. The desired mood for the bedroom is not the same as in the living room, or in the kitchen.

By using aromatherapy and the right fragrances, it is possible to evoke the right moods for each room. Let's start with the bedroom.

A good night's rest is vital for the correct functioning of the human body. Daily worries and stress can come between you and the proper repose needed to stay healthy.

When using aromatherapy in your bedroom, you want to pick home fragrances that promote relaxation so that you can sleep well.

The obvious fragrance choice for the bedroom is lavender, a relaxing scent that, combined with chamomile, can help you reach a restful night.

The living room is a place for gatherings, we invite our family and friends and make them feel welcome and comfortable at our home. Lemon and lavender are ideal fragrances for this room, lavender calms, and lemon purifies the air, which is useful when a group of people shared a room all afternoon.

In the kitchen we prepare the food we eat, so lemon is a good scent because it smells clean, and that is the fragrance you want in the place where you keep food.

Tea, eucalyptus, and peppermint are great fragrances for the bathroom, they convey cleanliness and also help to mask the bad smells.

The entryway is your first impression, so you want to catch a whiff of vanilla so that your guests feel relaxed and stress-free.

At Fridman's Fragrances, you can find a wide range of home scents to cover each room of your house and achieve the mood you desire for each one. You can also purchase professional grade diffusers, which are electronic devices that you can program to disperse your fragrance of choice.

We also use synthetic aromas, and they carry minimal risk of allergic reactions, unlike essential oils from natural ingredients.

When people think synthetic, they think harmful, but that is not accurate in fact, some natural compounds are bad for humans, this is why Fridman’s Fragrances is your best choice. Fill out our questionnaire so we can recommend the scents that best fit your needs.

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