Monday, February 25, 2019

Why is it important to have a scented environment at Home?

In the XXI century, we are living always in a hurry, always running, always working. This is not easy for anyone and it leads to frustration and saturation in our daily life.

In this context, it is time to look for powerful and strong strategies to feel our family feel great and have a sense of well-being despite all the activities, pression, and stress. The sense of smell is the key to get there. It has direct influence in emotions, mood, and therefore feelings.

The background in scenting is the fact that fragrances connect with memory in an amazing way. So, you can motivate people to travel back in time to their childhood or to their happiest moments with scents.

Different scents cause different reactions in people, so you must choose them carefully and wisely. There are moments when your family will need relaxing fragrances, and other times when they will need to be focused and active. It all depends on your very particular needs.

You should also keep the variety of scents to a minimum. It is not about creating a complicated and weird mixture in your environment, but to be specific about the feelings you are trying to reach and the mood you want to trigger. Scent diffusers and fragrances are very powerful tools, so they must be thought-through.

Lavender slows down the nervous system and drives anxiety away. On the other hand, vanilla improves blood pressure and activates the system. Fragrances’ effects are truly different from each other, so you should always think about the reactions you want to cause first.

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