Monday, February 25, 2019

Is your store increasingly selling less?

A business reaches success when it has a great product, a committed team, a well-thought strategy, the right location, and competitive prices. However, as the world population grows, there is an excess of competitors in the market. We are getting saturated of products, brands, and, most of all, advertising.

In this context of saturation, the common marketing strategies are not enough to reach our clients and to gain their loyalty. Building long-term relationships with customers is becoming harder.

If your sales start to fall, don’t panic. Probably it is not because your product is not great, but only because your marketing strategy is old-fashioned. Brochures, newspaper listings, and magazines, for example, are out-of-date advertising channels. You are losing clients because you are not speaking their language. Almost nobody is attracted to printed ads anymore. Social media ended an era where advertising was delivered unilaterally. Now the audience participates and gives active feedback to brands.

But in stores, it is necessary to use other strategies to improve your customers’ experience and even make them feel like if they are at home. Scent marketing is the best tool to make people want to enter your store, stay longer, and choose more products to buy. In Fridman’s Fragrances we help you accomplish that and more.

Scent marketing works through a scent diffuser and it is a fundamental part of sensory marketing. It uses the sense of smell to build strong, emotional bonds with the brand. Scents have the power to arise feelings and memories, and cause motivation to buy.

The sense of smell is very powerful because our brain can remember a lot of what we smell during life. We can even remember smells form our childhood, and that’s when emotions arise. When we remember our grandmother’s hugs, our mother’s best dish, our father’s cologne.  When your store has a very particular smell, people remember it and get a certain mood. They feel like they are at home with their long-ago loved ones.

Scent marketing is easy to implement. You've done all the hard work. You already have a store, which is the hardest part, and now it is time to see what fragrance goes with it. When choosing a fragrance, think of your product, the message you wish to send, and the customers you want to reach. All these elements are essential for great scenting strategies, so don’t forget any.

It is important that you know that scent diffusers sold at supermarkets won't make it. They lack power and are not emotion-focused.

You must acquire a professional scent diffuser to deliver the fragrance in clearly defined patterns and time frames. Get our professional grade diffusers and high-quality fragrances online. Fill out our questionnaire and we will let you know what’s best for you and your business. Shop now in

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