Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Common mistakes when using aromarketing.


Scent marketing is a powerful tool for your company, but you need to do it right. Scent marketing is not about spraying a can of over the counter aromatizer all over the place.

Scent marketing is an art, is a science, and you need to approach it seriously. It is about going to the right people and getting the right equipment to succeed.

Professional nebulizers are the right tool to get the most out of your aromarketing experience they are electronic devices with timers that disperse fragrance in patterns throughout the day.

Scent marketing is great to build loyalty with your customers because the fragrance you choose will get straight to the area of your brain where memories are created, and emotions happen.

However, it is easy to make mistakes while implementing scent marketing, we will discuss this in this article.

Mistake # 1 Use a common scent.
There are delicious fragrances that are very common, take vanilla, for example, it is amazing, but it is everywhere, your brand will smell nice but there won't be anything special about it, and your customers can mistake the smell for so many other things that it won't be effective.

Mistake # 2 That your scent has nothing to do with your brand.
Choosing the right scent is vital as it must reflect our company's values, picking the wrong scent is counterproductive. Imagine that you have a gym and you spray candy smell; it just doesn't match.

Mistake # 3 That you run out of scent.
Make sure to calculate your monthly supply of scent and buy it in advance. Constancy is key. If your store smells sometimes but not others it won't have the expected effect.

Mistake # 4 Not buying quality equipment.
Cheap stuff ends up being more expensive as low-quality pieces of equipment don't last as long or deliver the right results, the money you save now, will be spent tomorrow.

Mistake # 5 Not installing your diffuser in the right place.
If you put the diffuser behind a sofa or where it's blocked, it's useless, so install it in an open space or near the air conditioning system.

By avoiding these mistakes, you can get the most out of your aromarketing experience.

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