Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Things to consider when scenting your business

Businesses have begun to profit from scenting. The sense of smell is the only one linked directly to the brain, so it is influential in our behavior.  Workers in scented environments have proven to make fewer mistakes than those in unscented offices.

A scented store improves the perception of the quality of the products sold there it also increases purchase intent and the time people spend in it. Scenting also makes customers pay more for a given product.

The power of scent branding is in its ability to form immediate, powerful, and differentiated emotional connections between customers and the brands.

Hyatt hotel chains pioneered the use of scent marketing when in 2007 they created a signature scent to disperse in their lobbies to convey a welcoming sense of elegance to their guests. It all began with a small pilot test that aimed to enhance brand perceptions. Surveying the results, they found that people felt keen to return to their hotels.

To scent your business you must consider the following:

-Fully understand your brand. 

The signature scent needs to convey and support the brand foundation. Be clear on what your business is about, its values, identity, purpose, and overall emotions you wish to associate with your brand.

-Translate your vision into a scent. 

¿Do you know how to create a signature scent? You don't have to, some specialists know exactly how to engineer a unique scent for your business. Work with a brand strategist and a perfumer specialized in ambiance development.

-Run some tests.

Diffuse some at your offices, gather reactions from your employees and gradually release it in other spaces until it reaches your customers.

-Decide your points of diffusion. 

Know where you want to place your diffusers for maximum coverage. If you want your scent to be a greeting, it must be at the entrance, and so on, place your diffusers according to the message you wish to convey.

A signature scent can improve loyalty towards your brand, increase your sales, price/value perception, and you can even turn it into a product to be an extra source of revenue.

Keep these things in mind so that your scent marketing is effective.

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