Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Creating and evoking brand experience

Today marketing is all about building memorable experiences for people so they can bond emotionally with a brand. In a world where multiple stimuli are available all the time, something as simple as appealing to our five senses could be the answer to captivate and retain costumers to increase your sales.

Aromarketing triggers emotions and helps maintain engagement. Science experiments have investigated embodied cognition, that means that our bodily sensations are influential to our decision-making.

Non-conscious responses to stimuli are more powerful than we think. Sensory inputs drive customer behavior. People are not as aware of these stimuli, therefore, they don't show resistance to them as they do with conventional ads where the sale intent is obvious.

Aromarketing is used to help people remember brands. For example, an airline patented a fragrance that was used in the cabin, in the flight attendants perfume, in the towels given to passengers, the scent was everywhere. As a result, frequent travelers reported to immediately recognizing the perfume when boarding the plane.

The smell is the sense most linked to emotion due to the brain's olfactory bulb that signals the limbic system and then links emotion to memories. As much as 75% of our emotions are generated by what we smell.

There was an experiment which consisted of giving some office workers scented pencils, and unscented pencils to other workers. The result was that those who got scented pencils were more likely to remember the brand of pencils and other details.

The effective use of olfactory marketing, allows your customers to relate to your brand at a deep emotional level. They come back because of the experience you created around your shopping experience.

Aromarketing is a very important addition to your brand's marketing strategy.

To incorporate scenting to your business, you must have the right equipment and fragrance. A professional diffuser provides the right tool to disperse aromas following a specific pattern to keep the smell all day long.

Choosing the right scent is paramount to the success of your strategy. The wrong smell will have the opposite effect and may drive your customers away.

At Fridman's, you can get the right diffusers to create and evoke a wonderful brand experience. Our scent catalog is vast so that you choose the best aroma for you.

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