Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Living with a teenager may need some extra effort.

Have you ever walked past a sports locker room at a high school? The smell isn't the nicest. The reason behind the ripe smell of teenagers is an increase in their hormone production, which results in more sweat than before.

The moisture combined with bacteria in the skin or clothes produces a particular smell that represents a challenge for both parents and teenagers alike.

Not only do teenagers sweat more, they do it in particular parts of their bodies, such as under the arm, or in the groin, in addition, teens also produce oils which in combination to the moisture, create a perfect scenario for bacteria to reproduce and create bad odors.

Smelly feet work by different mechanisms, while there are no glands in them that produce oily sweat, socks can retain moisture allowing bacteria and yeast to grow in them. Therefore, this kind of bad odor is somehow different.

There are several actions that both parents and teenagers can take to fix this. The first and most obvious is that parents encourage their children to take frequent baths to remove oils under their armpits, groins, and hair.

Although antibacterial soap is not recommended in younger children as they need bacteria to develop their immune systems, teenagers can benefit from it as it kills the bacteria that break down oily sweat.

When washing feet, it is important to dry them thoroughly, even let them air-dry before putting on shoes or socks as this will help prevent bad odors.

Furthermore, parents can take other measures to counteract the bad smell of their teenagers more discretely. For instance, by using a professional diffuser at home, it is possible to disperse delicious fragrances that can mask or eliminate these smells at our homes.

Try a professional diffuser at your kid's bedroom and use juvenile scents such as citrus. By programming it, you ensure a uniform distribution of the smell throughout the day. You can also place a diffuser in the bathrooms and other problematic spaces to ensure proper masking and elimination of unwanted smells.

Adolescence is a difficult time that poses many challenges for families as neurodevelopment of their children is at its peak, so it is important to find loving ways to cope with them.

The most important thing is to communicate with our kids and provide a safe environment to discuss difficult subjects such as their body odor, always do it in private, not in front of their friends or other family members.

As with their childhood, this time will pass faster than you expect, and it is important to find the silver linings of this period to enjoy it.

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