Thursday, April 25, 2019

How scenting improves the hotel experience

There are many types of hotels. We visit hotels for many reasons, such as leisure, business trips, visiting relatives abroad, and many others.

We expect different things from our experiences at hotels. We do not expect much from a business hotel, we only need it to be functional, practical, comfortable, but lacking in luxury and other amenities.

However, our expectations rise when our travel plans are for leisure or pleasure. When we go on holiday, we expect comfort, quietness, relaxation and the best hosting and customer service.

Scent marketing is a trend that has revolutionized the experience between customers and brands. Some of them have their own odotype, which means they have a unique, corporate aroma that is one of a kind and gives them brand presence in the market.

Scent marketing is a must if you're considering breaking into the hotel business. The experience of the guests at your hotel can go from good to memorable in just a few whiffs.

Professional grade diffusers strategically located at your establishment will disperse previously chosen aromas at set intervals of time to maintain consistency in the atmosphere of the place.

You can make your guests feel relaxed, focused, comfortable, and stress-free. You will create an experience that they'll want to repeat.

At Fridman's Fragrances, we specialize in scent marketing. We have a line of synthetic aromas which are great because they minimize allergy-outbreaks among your guests.

We also have professional-grade diffusers that can be mounted to the wall and programmed using the electronic panel to set time intervals to disperse the aromas.

Our diffusers come with a one-year limited warranty that covers manufacturing defects. They also come with a clear user's manual, covering every aspect from installation to operation and maintenance.

Scent marketing becomes a symbol of the brand, and when people smell an aroma at a different setting, they will think of the hotel and the awesome experience they had there.

If you own a hotel, contact us at Fridman's Fragrances, and we will help you find the best solution to apply scent marketing to your business.

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