Sunday, August 16, 2020

What are the 10 basic types of odors?


As humankind advances, we obtain different abilities and technologies that help us understand the world around us and why things happened the way they did in the past.

The olfactory system is one of humankind's greatest mysteries, the knowledge we have about it is quite recent, but it progressed rapidly as further studies shed light on the mystery.

One new approach uses math to describe the representation of smell in the brain this helps us identify ten basic categories of smell our brain can perceive.

This study conducted by Jason Castro at the University of Pittsburgh used a method called non-negative matrix factorization to simplify information into coherent categories.

Using broad data, this investigative team identified 10 basic odor qualities, which are:

Fruity (non-citrus)
And sickening, which divides into two: 
Decaying and pungent.

These categories are based on the chemical composition of each element, but further research is necessary for better accuracy.

Industries that could benefit from this type of research include:

The perfume industry.
The food industry.
The cosmetic industry.

This is because a better understanding of smells behaviors’ in the brain results in compelling products that translate in better sales and overall success.

It remains to be seen what new information we can learn in the future as technology and science advance.

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