Sunday, August 16, 2020

Supercharge your sense of smell like a wolf.


Wolves have the most incredible sense of smell. By simply inhaling, a wolf can tell who's passed by, how long ago, what sex they are, their general health, what they've eaten, and their mood.

The nose of the wolf is as unique as a human fingerprint. Each nostril of a wolf can move independently to determine the direction a particular scent is coming from.

A wolf has approximately 280 million scent receptors, a human has five to six million.

Wolfs have a distinct smell, so other canids can distinguish them. Wolves can smell a prey 2.5 kilometers away. Some studies even suggest that they can smell prey buried under three meters of snow, even if the wind was blowing in a different direction.

You can supercharge your sense of smell, maybe not to find prey buried in the snow, but smelling accurate is a valuable aptitude in some professions that are highly respected and rare, like a sommelier, perfumer, aromatherapist, or odor tester.

Some things you can do to smell better are:

1. Quit smoking. cigarettes are toxic and they can atrophy your olfactory neurons, you'll notice that you can't smell a lot of things.

2. Eat properly. Poor nutrition damages everything in the body, including the senses.

3. Smell everything. When we nurture our brain, we read a lot, to nurture our nose, we must smell, smell, and smell.

4. Linger in the smells. If you take your time to take in the smell, it will engrave better in your memory.

5. Smell strong things. Inhaling powerful scents engages receptors in your nose improving your sense of smell over time.

6. Talk to your doctor about nasal sprays. If your sense of smell is impaired by obstructive disorders such as congestion or hay fever, allergies, sinus infection, or nasal polyps, it will be necessary to treat the underlying issue to improve your sense of smell. Talk to your doctor about nasal steroids, which may help clear your nostrils and help you breathe and smell better.

Paying attention to your nose and taking notice of your surroundings is the best way to supercharge your sense of smell.

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