Sunday, August 16, 2020

Change from CRM to CXM using aromarketing.


CRM is a system to gather customer information reliably to provide great customer service and improve retention. 

CRM centralizes your business information and manages your contacts by building profiles of each one so that you can have access to purchase records, previous communications, their interactions across different channels within the company such as social media, chat, email, etc. 

This allows for better customer service because they don't have to repeat their story over and over again and you can address their issues efficiently.

CRM is a proven sales process because it allows us to deliver the right message on the right channel at the right time.

CRM is also key to retain customers, churn rates determine a company's success, this system allows human agents to know where the churn happens so they can fix it.

But everything evolves and so does CRM, what companies need to implement nowadays is called CXM, which translates as Customer Experience Management.

As businesses enter this new era of technology and big data, is not enough to manage their information, now it is important to keep a record of how o client feels or perceives our brand, product, or service.

Taking into account our customers' feelings or sensations can happen in a variety of channels within the company, and they can be physical or digital.

Scent marketing is a great way to enhance a customer's experience physically, from the smell at our stores, to scenting the packages we deliver from online sales.

The right scent can tell so much about your brand. These olfactory stories are just what you need to engage your customers, and to build loyalty towards your brand. 

It is all about creating enjoyable experiences and memories that keep people coming back and purchasing.

For example, Disney World parks use scent marketing to build environments and get people to purchase food or souvenirs.

Disney is so good at customer experiences that people spend thousands of dollars to visit and they do it happily.

Where else would you spend thousands to stand in line under the sun for three hours?  That is how powerful customer experience is.

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