Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Creating your brand signature scent could be easier than you think

Creating a signature scent is about translating the brand's values, vision, mission, and objectives into a unique smell that helps customers bond with a business and their products.

Working hand on hand with a brand strategist and a perfumer it is possible to engineer a fragrance congruent with your company's values and objectives.

The Hyatt hotel chain created a signature scent dispersed in their lobbies to convey a welcoming sense of elegance to create an unforgettable experience for guests, their internal surveys showed an increase in brand loyalty.

To reach a signature scent, brands work closely with a fragrance specialist. The task is not simple, a full understanding of your company and of what you wish to accomplish is needed to get you the right scent to boost your business.

Our subconscious plays a major role in how we behave, including our shopping habits, however, customers do not respond well to direct sell attempts, people need subtle stimuli to increase their desire to purchase. 

Olfactory marketing is one of the most effective ways to build brand awareness and loyalty.

Once, an airline created a signature scent to increase their presence among frequent travelers, it was dispersed in the cabin, in the flight attendants perfumes, in the commodities kit handed to passengers. 

The result was frequent travelers being able to identify the scent.

Your brand could get many benefits from a signature scent, for example, increased sales, better brand awareness, increased sales per unit, extended permanence of your customers at your store, among others.

At Fridman's, we know how important aromarketing can be for your business, we have the best perfumers ready to work closely with you to get the best-personalized scent for your business.

We also have state of the art professional diffusers to disperse your signature scent strategically in your business. Depending on the purpose of your signature scent, you can choose where in your store to disperse it.

Our diffusers come with a one-year limited warranty to cover manufacturing defects. We will repair or replace the unit depending on what the problem is.

Transform any space into a delightful place with one of our home scents. There are 38 different fragrances and oil diffusers that will make out of your home or business, a place to enjoy.

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