Thursday, July 4, 2019

Giving some sense to scents

Home fragrances are important in interior design. Diffusers, scented candles, and other aromatic elements complement the atmosphere of living space and confer its personality.

The sense of smell is the most sophisticated we have when we are born, thanks to it we can identify our mother in a room filled with people when we can't see yet.

The first known chemist to work with scents was Tapputi, a Mesopotamian woman in 1200 B.C. She was also the overseer of the Mesopotamian palace.

Humankind has aromatized spaces from ancient times. Priests in ancient Egypt performed rituals using sacred frankincense and other aromas for religious purposes. Egyptians believed scents linked people to gods.

Incense was also burned at homes for aromatization, along with other fragrances that also served the purpose of treating different ailments. Perfumes were also used in Greece, China, and the Roman Empire.

Hippocrates began prescribing fumigation and the use of scents to prevent diseases during this time. A practice which would continue for millennia.

In the middle ages in Europe, the churched considered the use of fragrances as frivolous so it halted, but the rest of the world continued to use them all the time.

The Persian chemist Avicenna (also known as Ibn Sina) introduced the process of extracting oils from flowers by means of distillation, the procedure most commonly used today. He first experimented with the rose. Until his discovery, liquid perfumes were mixtures of oil and crushed herbs or petals which made a strong blend. Rose water was more delicate and immediately became popular. This method is the base of modern perfumery.

In the 1800s synthetic compounds were discovered and they were more affordable fragrances which were useful at a time when it was still necessary to mask every day smells.

Nowadays scenting is not about masking but about building and transforming atmospheres at home. Scenting is as important as interior design, in fact, is a key element of it.

Professional diffusers disperse aromas uniformly in living spaces conferring them their personality and memorability.

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