Thursday, April 25, 2019

How Fragances evoke Memories

The sense of smell is the most effective of all when it comes to remembering past experiences. Smell goes through the olfactory bulb which is the part of the brain in charge of analyzing odors.

The olfactory bulb is close to the amygdala and hippocampus which are the brain regions that manage memory and emotion. This connection explains why scents bring back our memories when triggered by these stimuli.

The other senses, like the sense of touch, hearing, and eyesight are not related to these brain regions and for this reason most of the time their cues don't necessarily make us remember things.

The sense of smell is the first one to work when humans are born, and it plays an important and special part in how they bond with their parents. Also, that cute "baby smell" that infants produce is nothing but a survival tool, aimed to get their parents’ full attention and care.

It is amazing how a smell can take us to vivid memories deep in our mind. For instance, the smell of Christmas is an abstract concept, but as you're reading this you know what I mean and, maybe, some imagery from your childhood came to mind.

Christmas odor includes cinnamon, apples, pine trees, freshly baked cookies, chocolate, and other spices. But we all can relate to the feelings that these scents can bring.

But if smells trigger memories, you can work them the other way around. You can make your events and moments totally unforgettable.

Fridman's Fragrances is a company that specializes in the scenting of areas using professional grade diffusers to deliver fragrances in both home and commercial settings. Our scents are an excellent tool to complement an event. Imagine your daughter's boyfriend is coming to ask for her hand in marriage and that you organize a party to celebrate, this is an ideal occasion to make use of your home diffuser to use a particular scent that will forever remind you of that moment.

Home scenting also works to make your home more welcoming. Your family and friends can associate your home scent with the pleasant moments they spend with you at your house. A particular scent can even transform your house into everyone’s favorite place to be.

At Fridman's Fragrances, you can find a vast menu of scents that cover every possibility. Whether you like floral scents, fruity scents, woody scents, fresh, warm, we have them all and we are sure there is one for you! Why not? You can get your professional grade scent diffuser and several scents and use them when you see fit. Leave a mark in every special occasion.

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