Monday, February 25, 2019

Shift the mood at home with scenting

Our five senses connect us to the world around us. We perceive every single detail through our body, so we can use senses to influence our family’s emotions at home, our friends’ feelings, or even our clients’ mood in our business.

It is known as scenting. Nowadays, we are numb to visual and auditory stimuli due to TV commercials, radio ads, print ads, fliers, magazines, and a lot more. So now brands appeal to different ways to approach their customers and to become a top of mind, and one of the most effective ways to do it is through scent marketing. And we can certainly do the same at home. We can help our loved ones feel a lot better during hard times and bad days. We can shift their emotions and give them calm.

The best part about scenting is that certain fragrances can bring special memories and feelings to our mind. It allows us to travel in time to our childhood, to our favorite moments, to very special places… Scents can take us anywhere at any time.

Placing a professional grade diffuser at home can motivate our family and friends to feel great about themselves, their daily life, and makes every accomplishment better. Their feeling can be touched to make them more positive.

The right smell can even help you get better sleep, driving anxiety and worries away. This improves your immune system so you automatically start feeling better. If your family is having difficult times, scenting is a little action you can take to help them. But scenting is not only for bad times, but to induce calmness every day.

Fridman’s Fragrances will create the most comfortable and nice atmospheres for your loved ones. For great wake ups every morning, for the best sleep during night, for vitality and focus during the day… Scents have the widest variety of effects in mood that shouldn’t be wasted.  

Look over for anything your family needs, and carefully define the emotions you want to evoke through scents and get our professional grade diffusers and high-quality home fragrances online. Show your loved ones how much you care, with Fridman’s Fragrances. 

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